To Fist or Not to Fist

So, I figured I’d get the old Hamulator a trial run.  In yesterday’s game, I opted to take rippers with spinefists.  Despite the fact that they spent the entire game chasing stealth suits, and largely didn’t get to fire the entire time.  Was that a good investment?  Is it a solid use of my points?  Well, let’s use the calculator to find out.

Rippers typically cost 10 points per base.  It’s 1 point to give them a gun, and 1 point to enhance their ballistic skill.

Average Units Killed by 10 bases of Rippers (single round of shooting)

with Gun = 1.02 wounds
with Gun + BS = 1.85 wounds

with Gun = 4.58 wounds
with Gun + BS = 8.34 wounds

So, for an extra 10 points, I’d kill (on average) one more marine (15pts) or four and a half guardsmen (22.5pts).  For a further 10 more points, I’d take out almost a marine and another roughly 4 guardsmen.  In essence, the guns pay for themselves–of course that’s in a single turn of shooting.  Each turn they shoot beyond the first is just icing on the cake. 

Tau (Stealth Suits)
with Gun = 1.53 wounds
with Gun + BS = 2.78 wounds

In the actual game I played Friday, I took out a single stealth suit with my points.  Since I “tooled up” 12 bases of rippers with guns and BS (24 points) and took out a single stealth suit (30 points), they actually made their points back.  Of course, the fact that my rippers soaked up so much fire was really their crowning achievement.  Care to see more?  Well, check out the battle report (well, after I post it on Monday).

Since people tend to ignore rippers (figuring either they’re harmless, or can’t hold objectives anyway), it’s likely that they’ll get at least one turn of shooting in (if not more).  Couple that with the fact that very few players bother to give them guns, and most opponents are baffled when you try to shoot with them.  On top of that, you get to roll a ton of dice–and that’s just good ol’ fashioned fun.  Rolling that many dice and you’re sure to get a few rounds of freakishly good luck eventually. 🙂

 So, it looks like I was justified in taking the guns.  Thanks Hamulator!


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