The Hamulator

HamulatorNo, it’s not the name of a cyborg pig come to reap it’s revenge on the butcher.  The HAMulator is an online calculator devised to calculate the odds of killing a target in Warhammer Fantasy & 40k.  screenshot140kshooting

It has both games built-in, and you can choose from shooting or assaulting (close combat, for you Fantasy players out there).  You just put in the stats of the attacking and defending units, and it computes the odds of destroying them.  It doesn’t roll the dice for you, but it does make for a quick way to figure out if one weapon load-out might be superior to another.  Built-in abilities to ignore cover, reroll hits/misses, rending, and a slough of other features are just a click away.  Likewise, it includes the vehicle damage tables as well.

Have you ever wondered at what point a single meltagun is more effective at destroying a vehicle than a plasma gun is.  Most people probably think the Melta is always a better option–but that’s not true against av10: the plasma is actually superior in that case.  I wouldn’t have ever bothered to do the math myself, but with a couple of clicks, and the HAMulator, now I know.

Interested in it?  Well, you can get a copy of this nifty program at this link.

You may find yourself scratching your head and wondering to yourself, “Where does he get all of these wonderful toys.”  Hold on Joker, I’m no Batman and no, the HAMulator isn’t my creation.  I actually found it while picking through Tahrikmili’s blog, in his article about How many melta-guns does it take to deal with a land raider?  More precisely, it directed me to a thread where they brought it up over at the Bolter & Chainsword (Note: that’s just a link to the board, and not a direct link to the thread).  

Well, that’s it for today.  Hopefully you get some practical use out of this toy.  I know that I will.


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