The Hope of Vindication

Without having any clear direction after finishing my first landspeeder storm last week, I turned to the low hanging fruit on my workbench.  The options for marines were the tops of razorbacks, or my vindicator.  Seeing as I’ve had the vindy for a good seven or so years,I figured it was time to get a paint job.

Below you’ll see some WIP progress shots.  For the most part, the blue is done, and I don’t foresee alot of color going into the model.  Since I don’t believe the 2nd company has any real armor assigned to it, I would presume vindy’s would need to be pulled from the chapter armory.  Becase of this, I’ve opted to paint the accent color black (instead of yellow).  If someone out there knows different, and Vindy’s are assigned to respective companies, let me know–it will tie more seemlessly with the rest of my force.

 WIP Vindicator

Anywho, if you have any comments or criticism–I’m all ears…  And, like I said above, if you have any inside information on chapter/company armor formations, I’d love to hear it.

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