Dark Eldar & the Sacrificial Kris

Friday’s are the night that I normally game.  Despite missing the last two weeks to illness and holidays, I just wasn’t eager to play this week for some reason.  Inspiration didn’t hit me until about an hour before game-time, and inspiration took a dark form: Grotesques.

No, I don’t own any dark eldar models, but when has that ever stopped me from playing an army?  I know that some people take issue with proxies or “counts as,” and if ever there was an army to complain about, it was going to be mine.  I did bring alot of Eldar models, so I had a colorful mish-mash of “counts as” stalking Kris’ 800 point relictors force across the table.  My army:

  • 3x Haemonculi  – Proxied with Eldrad & Warlocks
  • 3x 10 man Warrior Squads (each with 2x dark lances, & 2x blasters)  – Proxied with banshees, scorpions, & dire avengers (using reapers for lances & dragons for blasters)
  • 3x 8 man Grotesque Squads – Proxied with Wraithguard, Warp Spiders, & Rangers

It was certainly a colorful and atypical Dark Eldar force.  Suprisingly, there was no problem discerning my units, and no confusion errupted due to very clearly identifying what units counted as what).

I intended to write up a battle report, and  was dutifully taking pictures for it, when a friendly gamer seized my camera and instructed me on how to take great detail shots of my game.  While his heart was in the right place, and he may have proven somewhat helpful, he changed the settings on my camera to increase the size of each picture.  I didn’t notice this, so by the end of the 2nd turn, my memory card was full, and I couldn’t take any more pictures.  I tried for a while to write down what was going on, but my heart wasn’t in it.  As a result, there’s no battle report.  That said, I’m going to skip ahead to the lessons learned.

Lessons Learned:

  1. I know proxies aren’t popular, so if you’re going to use them, keep a few things in mind:
    • Make sure your opponent is ok with proxies.
    • Make sure you very clearly document what “counts as” what
    • Make sure your stand-in models are appropriate (don’t use a Fire Dragon as a rhino). 
  2. Dark Eldar aren’t worthless.  Grotesques complete immunity to STR5 weaponry is unbelivably handy.  I advanced my squads of warriors behind walls of grotesques (in base to base contact).  Each turn the grotesques could leave a 1″ gap between them to allow my squads to fire through them, and then the grots would “run” together to form another shield wall.  While not the friendliest tactic, it was pretty solid.
  3. Though I believe I played well, I lost the game due to bad tactics.  It was a mission of capturing objectives on a large board filled with obstructive terrain.  It was far from the ideal setup for this army, but ultimately, my decision not to place a troops choice on one of my objectives cost me a draw.  Poor tactics certainly cost me this game.

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