Gyro Stabalized Mono-What?!

Some of the newer gamers have always known orks as evil fungi spreading across the universe beating each other up, but they weren’t always so serious.  Back in the day, they were random, goofy, greenskins who killed themselves almost as often as they’d kill their foe.

But they had class.  That was something they had abundance of.  Such great flavor.  One of their great inventions that has long-since died was known as a Gyro-stabalized monowheel.  Essentially, it was a unicycle peg-leg for an orc who “volunteered” to have his legs removed:


Anywho, earlier this week I made mention of it as a back-handed comment, and much to my surprise, Magiler, the Man of La Mancha, over at Figs-Freak was talking about the very same thing–with a new twist.:

Sure, he’s not the first to necessarily do this sort of conversion, but he’s the first I’ve seen that’s trying it with the new skaven doomwheel… and I love where his head’s at.  You can see more on his blog here.

In doing some digging, Mordian7th has an awesome conversion of a monowheel as well, with a more classic-style twist:

You can see more of his bad moons horde here.

Loving the nod to the classic style, guys.  Keep it up!

For those that are interested in some more classic ork models, you can see practically every model available over at the Stuff of Legends website:

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