Drivers Wanted

The landspeeder storm I started last week is coming along nicely; however I did run into a snag.  Since I purchased my speeders as parts of bitz auctions on ebay, I was able to save a few bucks, but I didn’t get all of the parts.  For the most part, I can wing it without the missing parts (such as bedrolls, extra hand-holds, etc.), but after getting it mostly painted, I did notice that it looked particularly odd without someone to pilot it.

So, without the proper model, I’ve been hacking up one of my old metal scouts to fit the bill.  It’s not the cleanest butch job, but most of the details will be obscured when I cram him in the passenger seat.

Storm Pilot (Medium)

I took a basic scout and cut his arms and legs off–then I pinned the legs into a sitting position and puttied them up.  For the arms, I used some scout plastic arms that I had lying around from another bitz auction.  All in all, he looks decent to me.  After I paint him up and some other ancillary bitz, the storm will be done.  I expect to have pictures of it up sometime this week.

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