Ironclad Ho!

Well, my WIP is finally finished.  I named him after America’s newfound fascination: the hybrid car, because even the Ultramarines are doing their part to save the environment!

Pictures can be found below:

Ironclad Back           Ironclad Side

Granted, it’s not my best work: the edging is a  bit sloppy, and the blending certainly could be improved upon, but I’m happy to just have him done.  I think the cool looking conversion sort of makes up for the shoddy paint-job.  What do you think?

Oh, and I haven’t done his banner or his magnetized weapons.  Since the arms already have a built-in gun and flamer, I figure I could use him as WYSIWYG even without adding the magnetized bitz.  I’ll get off my duff and “finish him” up proper one day.  But that won’t be today!


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