Lost in the Warp

I’m putting out an APB. Be on the lookout for two dreadnoughts, five terminators, & an Inquisitor. Their last known whereabouts is the Muldoon gaming club on Friday night.

Yeah, ok, this sucks. I’ve been going to the club for about two months now, and this is the second time that I’ve lost models there. The first was a scout who went MIA, but this time I forgot a box of painted minis, including the two recent dreadnoughts I’d painted up (and featured here on my blog), along with five terminators & an inquisitor. Granted, this time it’s really my fault, as I’m sure that I brought the box in, but simply forgot to bring it out.

The models were in a brown box with bubble wrap to protect them. All of them were magnetized, and there’s a load out of spare arms for everything.

There’s alot of time and money invested in these models. I really hope that someone was goodly enough to bring them to Andrew’s attention. Otherwise, I think I need to officially deem myself too irresponsible to take my models to public places to game. of course, that sucks, since I’ll lose my regular Friday night battle, but maybe I can meet up with some of the guys outside of the club.

I shot off a message to synjin over at the northerngamer.com boards. If anyone knows a better way to get a hold of him, please let me know. Alternately, if anyone knows where the models are, and can make me sleep easier tonight–I’d love to know that as well. 🙂

Well, here’s to hoping for good samaritans!

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