Rocky Times Ahead

The blog has officially lived past the first month of operation.  I guess it was only a matter of time before it had a meltdown.

Ok, so I’m exaggerating, but there are changes afoot.  Previously I had the site hosted as a subfolder of my personal website, but this week I went ahead and purchased the domain name:  As a result, I need to make some changes to my hosting account and the blog in general to get it to accept the new name.  Things that might be affected:

  1. Intermittent outages.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the blog wasn’t avaialble periodically over the next couple of days while the transition takes effect.  Please bear with me during the changes.
  2. Feedburner feeds.  I would hope that these will be a seamless transition, but it could have a problem; however, if you’ve subscribed to the blog you may have to change your subscription after the move.
  3. Bookmarks.  They’ll all die.  So on the off chance any of you bookmarked this site, please note that it’ll move.
  4. Links.  Again, dead as a doornail.  The only site I know that links to me is fromthewarp though, so I don’t expect that will be a big deal. 

I also expect some problems with openID and other behind the scenes information, but hopefully that only annoys me–and not you.

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