Tyranid Hunters: Sternguard of the Future

When 3rd edition was released, I dedicated my marine force to the Ultramarines of Mcragge because of the sheer BLOOness, their lack of special rules, and their resemblence to the varsity team.  With the advent of the 4th edition codex, special rules a plenty adorned the chapter, including the use of special Tyranid hunter squads.  Back then, there were tons of great conversions for the models, and I set my mind to do a squad myself. 

Now, four years later, I’ve almost got the modeling portion completed.  Sure, I know they don’t exist in the rules anymore, but hey, that’s why GW invented “counts as” right?  I had to go back and rip their heavy bolters off to replace the heavy flamers, and I wound up sawing off a whole lot of hands to magnetize them (for the inevitable changes to “counts as” in the next version of the codex), but I’m content with them as is.  So, without further adieu, my Tyranid hunters:

Tyranid Hunters 1 Front (Large)

Tyranid Hunters 1 Back (Large)  Tyranid Hunters 2 Front (Large)  Tyranid Hunters 2 Back (Large)

(There are 5 in the first set of pictures and 4 in the 2nd.  WordPress cuts off my images due to my theme, but feel free to click on any of the pics for larger shots of the models). 

Parts from all sorts of models make their appearance on this lot.  The ones I can recall are as follows:

  • 2nd Edition Marneus Calgar (squad leader’s body)
  • 3rd Edition Limited Edition “Emperor’s Champion” (squad leader’s head)
  • 2nd Edition metal dev sarge (squad leader’s “come hither” finger — also magnetized)
  • Dark Angel upgrade sprue (backpacks, purity seals, & squad leader’s sword)
  • Limited Edition “Iwo Jima” diaroma (fallen marine)
  • Space Marine Captain (combi-weapons & pistol case)
  • Tyranid Hunters (bodies of two marines & mold of backpacks & other nid bitz)
  • Tyranid Warriors upgrade sprue (armor plates)
  • Tyranid Ripper swarms (knee pads on two marines)
  • Tyranid Gaunt heads (backpacks)
  • Chaos Terminator Lord (fallen marine backpack)
  • ??? Third party heads for marines on the right & left of the 2nd set of pics.  (I ordered them online, but I forget from where!)
  • Pieces of plastic rod & tubing from a local hobby store
  • “Rare Earth” magnets

As stated above, the combi-weapons are all magnetized so I can mix and match as I see fit.  Pics of the weapons can be found below:

Combi-weapons (Large)

Though I thought the squads were pretty much done, now that I’ve taken pictures I can tell there’s still more work to do, namely:

  1. Backpacks for the heavy flamer marines (duh).  I’d like to use the new plastic multi-melta backpacks.  Anyone have any spares to trade?
  2. I should work on a 10th member of the squad.  Anyone have a spare Tyranid hunter model from GW to trade for the cause? (one that I haven’t already used, of course)
  3. Chain bits across the sarges spikes would look good.
  4. Putty work needed where weapon magnets attached to make smoother transitions.
  5. More purity seals!
  6. The models could probably use a little more battle damage as well.  They really seem scraped up enough wen I go through them, but from these pics, it’s hard to make out any damage. 😦

Well, that’s my squad.  Hope you dig ’em.

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