Exodite Dragon Knights – Concept

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Exodite Dragon Knights, think of the best of cheesy fantasy and futuristic movies combined.  This is the sort of thing the guys at Mystery Science Theatre 3000 swooned over: Space Elves riding Dinosaurs!

The first time I recall ever hearing about them was in the 2nd Edition codex where they had a brief blurb, and if I remember right, they might have had an entry in the HQ section (though I’m probably confusing that with Eldar Pirates).  While it was a super cool idea, I think it was ultimately too much of a niche army, so GW never produced it (especially since they went off and created Codex: Craftworld, which contained five other Eldar armies).  So the Exodites were shafted twice: Once when they were passing out craftworlds and again when it came time for their codex.

That said, I’ve always been enamoured with them, but never got the gumption to make such an army.  With the release of the plastic wood elves, dark elves, and lizardmen, and all of the cool dinosaurs in those ranges, now making such an army is feasible.  So, last month I started buying the bitz to “update” my Eldar army into an Exodite one.  Since I have a game scheduled tomorrow, and I no longer have my eldar jetbikes (see below for rationale), I figured I’d convert up some concept models for my Exodite force.  Below are the examples I whipped up:

Exodite Jetbikes - Concept02 (Large)

Exodite Jetbikes - Concept01 (Large)
Of course, they’re far from finished.  It was a bit of a hack-job to get them to work, but I think they look decent considering.  They need a lot of putty loving, but other than that, I think they’re viable.  For those that are interested, the parts are:

  • Dark Elf Cold Ones
  • Wood Elf Glade Guard (bodies, heads, & cloaks)
  • Wood Elf Glade Riders (legs)
  • Dark Elf something-or-other (head)
  • Eldar Guardians (arms & guns)
  • Eldar Shuriken Cannon from vehicle upgrade sprue

If you like these models, you can read more about Exodites and see some great models in the following blogs:

Also, above, I mentioned that I had sold all of my jetbikes.  This was in an act of desperation as I saw that GW was set to release new jetbikes.  Since I thought the “new” bikes were loads better than the current models, I sold all of mine while they’d still fetch a good price, so I could buy the new ones when they were released.   That was two years ago–Good thing I didn’t hold my breath.  🙂

Care to see the bike that never was?  I’ll try to embed an image below, but if that doesn’t come out, click the link below the picture to see it:


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