My Virtual Army

Have you ever wanted to play 40k, but couldn’t find an opponent?  Have you ever tried to play a quick game while at work?  Do you find yourself drawn to horrible short-attention span online games like BiteFight, or any of the various Farmtown spinoffs?  Well, then My Virtual Army is the game for you.

I would suspect that most people online haven’t even heard of and, of those that have, very few non-ultra players have ever given the site a shot, but here’s the thing: It’s not just Ultramarines anymore!

Sure, the site is jammed full of Ultra goodness, including pictures of an entire chapter in progress, tons of Macragge based fluff and a cool marine name generator, but the real gem of the site is a built-in online game called “My Virtual Army.” 

MVA is a turn-based strategy game based in the 40k universe.  Your units earn experience and level up through the ranks of whatever race they are.  Scouts progress to tactical marines, tactical marines earn special weapons, then heavy weapons, then can become sternguard specialists, and even seargents.  Likewise, orks level up through the various roles available to them. 

If you have a short attention span, you can literally play this game in just minutes per day–but there’s enough depth that you can really get into it as well.  Likewise, if you’ve ever played any of these sort of games, there’s a lockdown feature so that your army can’t be wiped out while you sleep. 

To date, they’ve released armies of Ultramarines, Orks, Tau, and this week Necrons were unveiled.  Each player accumulates UC’s (don’t ask me what that stands for) with which to purchase new troops and vehicles as well as to repair their existing army, and you also earn tactical points with which to buy combat tactics that affect your overall army’s performance in battles to come.  Some give your units pluses to defense, some to offense, and there’s always the dreaded Orbital Bombardment that shakes the enemy’s defenses to the core. 

Below is a screenshot of part of my army as it stands this week:


Like any game in development, it has balancing issues (Now three days after they’ve been released, it’s clear that Necron Pylons are ridiculously overpowered) .  The good part about that is there’s a dedicated team that’s consistently updating the code to ensure things are inline, and that new content is being released on a regular basis.  They also listen to player feedback and design alot of changes accordingly.

I strongly encourage everyone here to go check out My Virtual Army, and in general–I’m sure you’ll like what you find there.

Oh, did I mention it’s free?  What are you waiting for?  Check it out now!

6 comments on “My Virtual Army

    • Hey Drax:

      I haven’t played this for a few months now, but it looks to be still
      alive and kicking. The basic premise is that you create an army from
      the available races, and are given a set amount of points to build
      your force from. Not everything is available from the begining, as
      each race has a “tech-tree” at which various stages, different units
      get unlocked (the same logic used in Warcraft, Starcraft, C&C, etc.).

      Once you build a force, you can scout other people’s forces, and then
      attack them. You’re limited to one attack every 2 hours, and you’re
      typically limited on how often you can attack a single person (to
      prevent griefing).

      All in all, you can play the game with about half an hour of time
      spread throughout the day. It’s a nifty little mindless thing that
      tricked me into thinking I was playing 40k for a while. If you have a
      job where you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s a good
      waste of a couple of minutes every few hours…

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