First Completed Dreadnought

Before I really got to work on my Ironclad dread, I wanted to finish up the other two dreadnoughts I’d started earlier this year.  I’d already modeled them both and magnetized their arms for basically every available option (except autocannons, but who uses those anyway?), and I’d done a hefty amount of the basecoating as well.  This weekend, I finished up the first of these monsters: “Ferrus.” 

 Dread1-left  Dread1-right  Dread1-back

From a modeling perspective, the only things I really did were to add a forgeworld icon to it’s sarcophagus, and position the smoke launchers downward.  The three-pronged tiara look of traditional dreadnoughts never did anything for me–so I chose to hide the launchers a bit on my dreads.  I’m sure this alignment is slightly less practical, but I do like the look.

Though he has magnetized arms, I suspect I’ll run him most of the time as pictured.  I’m a fan of both the heavy flamer and the lascannons–though at times I do opt to run him with assault cannons.  By and large, other variants aren’t typically in my arsenal, but I really should use them more.  I guess I will once I get them painted. 🙂

Well, now I’m off to work on the 2nd dreadnought (AoBR style).


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