Army List: 1500pt Eldar Warhost (led by Yriel)

Below is my list from Friday night’s game: 

  • HQ: Yriel, Prince (155 Pts)
  • Elite: Wraithguard x5 (369 Pts)
    • Wave Serpent 1 x1 [145]
      • Energy Field; Spirit Stones; TL Shuriken Catapults; TL Bright Lances;
    • Spiritseer (Warlock) x1 [49]
      • Enhance ; Spiritseer Upgrade; Singing Spear;
  • Elite: Fire Dragons x6 (96 Pts)
  • Troops: Dire Avengers x6 (124 Pts)
    • Dire Avenger Exarch x1 [64]
      • Bladestorm ; Defend ; Diresword
  • Troops: Pathfinders x5 (120 Pts)
  • Troops: Pathfinders x5 (120 Pts)
  • Heavy Support: Falcon x1 (175 Pts)
    • Holo-Field; Spirit Stones; Scatter Laser; TL Shuriken Catapults; Pulse Laser;
  • Heavy Support: Falcon x1 (180 Pts)
    • Holo-Field; Spirit Stones; Missile Launcher; Shuriken Catapults; Pulse Laser;
  • Heavy Support: Wraithlord x1 (155 Pts)
    • Flamer (x2); Bright Lance; Missile Launcher;

My intent was to try out some new things and supplement them with some known quantities.  As explained in my first Eldar batrep, I don’t recall playing with the “new” Eldar codex, so some things are foreign to me.  Warp Spiders are now fast attack, Jetbikes are somehow troops, and surprise–Wraithguard are toughness 6!?!  Wow, that’s pretty solid.  I figured I’d give them a shot, and give my pathfinders another chance to fail their impossible 2+ cover saves.  I brought my falcon into the mix (I do believe this is my longest owned painted model ever), and gave it some friends.  The new stuff includes Yriel (had to try the Yriel bomb tactic) and wraithguard (since, in the past, they seemed completely worthless).

The mini-strats I wanted to try (but largely didn’t get a chance to, because of the way things unfolded) were:

  1. Keep the wraithlord near to the wraithguard squad to avoid stupidity tests.
  2. Eldar Missle Launchers (I’ve dabbled with them in the past, but never really gave ’em a chance to shine)
  3. Scatter Lasers & Pulse Lasers (the last time I played with these, they were d6 and d3 shots–now firmly cemented with 4 and 2 shots respectively).
  4. and of course, the Yriel Bomb (actually he never saw combat!)

The list doesn’t seem amazing to me, but it pulled off a pretty impressive feat.  Care to see how I did?  Well, mosey on over and check out the battle report.  Got an idea of how I could’ve made this list better?  Leave a comment–I’m all (pointy) ears…


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