Bitz Box Bargains

If you’re like me, your bitz box is getting a little out of hand.  Though I seem to sell off armies every few years, I never can seem to part with my spare bitz.  As a result, I’ve a sprawling set of boxes that are just growing out of control.  Worse yet, there’s really no organization to it all.  My goal was to turn this:

bitzbox-old (Large)

Into this:

bitzbox-new (Large)

That said, I rooted around for an affordable and effective solution to manage all of these bitz.  As luck would have it, I found some decent containers on sale at my local Jo-Ann Fabrics.  For those that don’t have a JoAnn’s nearby, it’s just a general arts and crafts store dealing in everything from fabrics, to framing, to scrapbooking.  After walking aisle after aisle and finding some halfway decent solutions in both the bead section and the scrapbooking section, I stumbled upon their generic “containers” section, where I found the boxes that I’d eventually take home.  The specific boxes I found were by a company named “artbin” and they were model 5004ab.  Here’s what I like about them:

  1. They’re cheap.  They come in at $9.99 each, but Joann’s regularly has these on sale (there are varieties for $7-15 as well, depending upon size)
  2. They’re modifiable.  The dividers change spaces in the box relatively easy so you can store 5 skulls in one compartment, or a stegadon body (assembled!) in another.  They come apart quick and easy, but they seem to hold in place unless you want them to come out.
  3. The case has locking clips to keep it closed.  If you’ve ever knocked your  bitz box over, you know how invaluable this seemingly insignificant feature is.
  4. The dividers go all the way up.  Ok, this isn’t quite true.  I tested them by flipping the boxes over and over and shaking vigorously and despite the imperfect performance, I’m pleased with the result.  After doing this, the cases kept all of the pieces in their appropriate compartments with the exception of very tiny bitz (like purity seals).  Most of these stayed in their compartments, but a few wandered over to great their neighbors.  Since I don’t plan on routinely shaking boxes like this, I think that’s an acceptable solution.

So, now all of my bitz are in nice little cubbies that are easy to find.  I’ve been able to divide them up so that each respective army is in it’s own case too, and the rest file away in a drawer for easy storage.  And the best part about this whole thing?  These containers are on sale! 

Until the end of the week, JoAnn’s is selling all of their containers for 40-50% off with seemingly free shipping (and they do ship to Alaska).  To top it off, if you have one locally, they’re constantly releasing coupons for 50% off or more, and even honor competitors coupons.  I’d highly recommend getting organized today.


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