Afflicted by CMBS

Hi, my name is Rob, and I have CMBS.

If you don’t know what CMBS is, I suggest you take a gander at Joe’s blog: “Ultramarine Blues,” where he explains (and, most likely, invents) the disorder in lavish detail.  It stands for Compulsive Model Buying Syndrome.

I’ve been a gamer really as long as I can remember.  I recall sitting around and playing Candyland & some crazy apple game at my “cookie grandma’s” house (a term given to my paternal great-grandma, known for an abundance of baked goods).  I started playing Warhammer 40k in my sophomore year of high school, and have been playing it ever since.  I’ve dabbled in side games: Necromunda, Warhammer Quest, GW Boardgames (Doom of the Eldar, Battle for Armageddon , etc.), and Ieven purchased Space Marine, (but never played it due to my American brain’s complete inability to comprehend the metric system).

Since I started playing, I’ve gone through various armies.  From memory, those were:

  1. 2nd Edition:
    1. Space Wolves (I wanted a marine army and friends already had BA, DA, & SW—but I refused to play Ultramarines because they were boring).
    2. Eldar
    3. Harlequins
    4. Death Company (with a splash of generic Blood Angels thrown in for color)
    5. Chaos (specifically Nurgle & Khorne)
    6. Orks  (really just a ton of plastic gretchin, a warboss, a runtherd, and a Great Gargant)
    7. IG (Rogue Trader plastics)
    8. Harlequins (again)
    9. Tyranids
    10. Genestealer Cult  (My personal favorite of all time)
  2. 2nd Edition:
    1. Ultramarines
    2. IG (Praetorians)
    3. Eldar (Biel Tan)
    4. Chaos (Nurgle & Khorne again, but this time, classic models only)
    5. Lost & the Damned (Skaven, Necromunda Ratkins, & the above chaos models – Almost like Genestealer cult re-visited).

Sometimes I would proxy my Orks as squats as well.  The way I see it, the only armies I never played are: WitchHunters (girls :P), Dark Eldar, Necrons, & Tau.  Of course, Grey knights aren’t on the above list, but I routinely alley them in, so I count that as having been played.  Old-school players will note that I don’t have Slaan or Jokaero on the list either, but I’m really a 2nd edition sort of guy, and those armies had been exterminated by that time.

The point is, I’ve played a ton, and have gone through entirely too many models.  In the days of 2nd edition, my gaming group routinely traded models between each other, so I didn’t have to invest tons of money to get an army: I simply traded away one army to get the next.  Since third edition, however, I haven’t really done that (with the exception of the Praetorians).  I still have all four armies–and just can’t seem to stop buying models.

On top of that, I’m now considering a 6th.  Yes, I’ve skipped over my 5th army as I’ve already started collecting the bits to convert an Eldar Exodite army, thanks in part to Akenseth over at  (Damn you, Akenseth!).

In the meantime, I’m also plugging away at an IG army that I don’t have.  What a great idea that would be, right?  I could use them as IG allies in Apocalypse games (, Genestealer Hybrids for a Cult army, and maybe as a spare 6th army of straight IG as well.  (Nevermind that I’ve only ever played Apoc once, and I already have enough Skaven & Ratskins in my now defunct “Lost & the Damned” army to do either of the last two).  But how cool would it be to have a squad of Adeptus Arbites, Imperial Beastmen, or Jokaero in your army?

I have a problem.  Every time I come up with a seemingly good idea, I feel compelled to make the army–even if I never play it.  In the case of the Praetorians, I had purchased elephants for sentinels, camels for my rough riders, Ogryns with bones through their noses in tribal warpaint, and a bunch of Old Foundry arabs to wash my tanks and herd my sentinels around.  Despite all this, I wound up selling them without ever playing a single game with them…

At least I’m keeping the armies I build (for the most part) so I’m not taking a loss on turning over army after army on ebay.  Maybe that’s a step in the right direction?  On the other hand—I also have a bunch of painted Eldar models that I need to sell in order to justify the Exodite army.  Woe is me.

Anyone looking to pick up a pointy eared army?


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