Dead Hard: Ironclad Anyone?

After my recent battle vs. Cole, I’ve decided that I need to work on replacing my proxies with proper models.  Since the shining star of the game had to be the Ironclad dreadnaught, I figured I’d give him a spotlight.  Of course, the fact that I already had the bitz purchased helped ease that decision tremendously. 🙂

Ironclad Unpainted 1

 Ironclad Unpainted 2   Ironclad Unpainted 3   

I started with a classic metal Ultramarine style 2nd Edition dreadnaught (for those that weren’t around in 2nd Edition, there were four metal dreads released at that time: Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, & the Space Wolf “Bjorn”.  I guess technically they also released a blood angel close assault dreadnaught, “Moriar” as well, so that’d make 5).  The key differences were that each had a different sarcophagus, and each came with different weapons.  With the exception of Bjorn, they were very similar though and all could be used fairly interchangably with the other chapters.  In this instance, I went with the Ultra dreadnaught for a couple of reasons: I liked the sarcophagus design and, in the interest of picking the low-hanging fruit, he was the first cheap model I could find on ebay.

The other parts that I used to make the conversion are:

  • The arms of Inquisitor model “Krieger Thrax”
  • Pieces of extra armor, heavy flamers, meltas, and the banner from the real Ironclad dreadnaught
  • Flags & purity seals from the Dark Angels vehicle upgrade sprue (well, at least I think that’s where they came from–I bought ’em off a friend who plays Dark Angels…)
  • “Rare Earth” Magnets

All-in-all, I’m quite pleased with how he turned out.  Now, I’ve got to start painting some of these conversions…


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