Bringing Back the Beasts of Burden

PA070191 (Medium)So, as you probably know by now, I started playing at the cusp between first and second edition: when vortex grenades ran wild, and everyone who was anyone had a chainsword, powerfist, and a displacer field (and if you were lucky, terminator armor to boot–and that’s when terminator armor was good!).  Back when electropriests decimated anyone who played against them (seriously, the equivalent of 7pts for a basic troop that comes with a 4+ save, frenzy, and a powerfist standard?), and when the Imperium wasn’t above the service of a good mutant or two.

I don’t have an imperial guard army (yet), but I keep fancying the creation of an old-school army where I can bring back models of yore to throw at my opponents, so I finally broke down and bought me some bits.  Tonight, I started putting together some beastmen to use in this theoretical IG army.  Realistically, I will probably never build a complete army, but at least I’ll have fun assembling units that are now obselete.  Also on my list: Squats, Adeptus Arbites, Mechanicus, and in the future, it looks like I’ll probably add Sisters of Battle to that list.  But, for the time being, I’ll settle for a squad of good old-fashioned mutants (to be used as Penal Legion squads):

PA070192 (Medium)

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