Ultramarines Assault

Since I’ve had a productive weekend so far, I didn’t want to stop.  In lieu of playing another game (and writing the ensuing battle report), and not wanting to paint something, I went ahead and assembled my 2nd assault squad.  Key points include:

  1. Sarge w/ power fist & magnetized combat shield
  2. Two marines with magnetized flamers (never know when they’ll change the available options…)
  3. Magnetized jump packs for all

The marines are magnetized for their packs, but unfortunately I don’t own the right magnets to finish up the packs.  I’ll have to put in an order soon to pick up enough for both those and backpacks.  Also, I didn’t have enough assault shoulder pads for the entire squad, so the squad leader got a makeshift pad with a cloth covering, and the sarge would up with a terminator honors pad.  One marine in the picture doesn’t have a right shoulderpad, but I’ll wind up painting another term. honors shoulder and giving that to the sarge in my first assault squad to free up a pad for him.

Will I ever play this squad?  Unlikely–as I don’t like flamers in assault squads and I haven’t historically been a fan of powerfists, nor do I think assault marines without jumppacks are viable, but you never know.  Since I have them assembled, I’m sure they’ll see combat once in a blue moon, but I don’t expect they be a regular in my army list any time soon.

Assault2 (Medium)

2 comments on “Ultramarines Assault

  1. Err.. why magnetise the packs at all? Magnets will stick to steel, so just fit one magnet to the figure's back, and then screw a flat headed screw into each backpack of whatever type. Two big benefits – you need far fewer magnets, and it doesn't matter which way round you fit the magnets to the figures.

  2. It makes good sense to do it that way, but a magnet to magnet bond is stronger. Ok, that’s just me coming up with a reason because ultimately your method is superior. I’ll have to try that in the future. Thanks for the tip!

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