Battle Report: Chaos Demons vs. Chaos (1492pts)

The next impending holiday is Columbus day, so in observation, Matt came over and played a game to commemorate.  I guess in this adventure, he was the Native Americans, and I played the role of the great discoverer, deep-striking into unknown territory for King Kugath!

In rolling up the mission, we wound up with Capture & Control, again with Spearhead deployment.  I won first turn, but gave it up to him because I’d already seen his list.  He was heavily mechanized with 2x lash princes and three squads of Obliterators.  I certainly didn’t want to give him any more turns of shooting than I needed to…

So you’re aware, I used proxies for most of this army.  I’m using skaven conversions (originally intended to use as Lost & the Damned) for plague bearers, and ripper swarms for nurglings (because I’m too lazy to assemble the rat swarms).  Also, I used a GD of Khorne for a flying prince, and a rat ogre as well.  I intend to eventually use Skaven conversions for a complete “counts as” demon army.

PA030189 (Medium)

PA030190 (Medium)


Chaos Deployment:

Without knowing where I was going to come in, he deployed in a fairly generic fashion—figuring he’d react to how I landed.  He deployed fairly far forward and would use his first movement phase to split the difference between the two objectives. 

Turn 1: Chaos

With nothing to shoot at, he moved his guys around, generally waiting in fear of the dreaded demons that would inevitably arrive…

 t1-Chaos (Medium)

Turn 1: Daemons:

I split my force and successfully got the side with both Kugath & Epidemus.  Of the 5 squads I was dropping in, I managed to hit with 4 of them—only deviating with one of them (and then only by a small amount).  Unfortunately, my army could do just about nothing upon landing aside from spreading out to avoid impending blast templates.  I tried clustering nurglings around a tank and then having Kugath spit at it (in the hopes that I’d kill some nurglings and the get tally started off properly), but he sucked wind.  The Daemonprince’s breath of chaos did no damage either.

 t1-demons (Medium)

Turn 2: Chaos

My, how fickle the gods are.  This turn started with both Slaanesh princes trying to lash my units, but both rolling 12’s and failing their saves.  By this point, Matt had done more damage to himself than I’d managed to do to him.  Matt charged both into my prince and it looked helpless for him.  After the dust had settled, we’d realized that he couldn’t use Warp Time, so he had to put up a fair fight against a superior foe.  In the end, he did no damage to me and I did a single wound to one of his princes.

One of Matt’s squads of Obliterators showed up and punished the nurglings for standing too close to each other, but otherwise, his marines opted to stay in their tin cans and try to tire my daemons out by dragging them around the board.

 t2-Chaos (Medium)

Turn 2: Daemons

Of my three reserve units, my 2nd prince, and both units of plague bearers managed to come in—leaving only a squad of nurglings to come.  The prince landed with the intent to kill the blitz squad, while the plague bearers each chose to harass a tank.

In hand to hand, the Slaanesh twins continued their wiff-fest, and my prince dropped both princes to a single wound left. 

The rest of my force trotted along behind the rhinos…

 t2-demons (Medium)

Turn 3: Chaos

The rest of Matt’s reserves landed in the form of two more squads of obliterators, who heftily dispatched most of the Southern-most squad of plague bearers.  In combat, my prince and one of his killed each other, while the third consolidated off towards the plague bearers.  Still he kept his marines in the tank, and still I chased…

 t3-chaos (Medium)

Turn 3: Daemons

The last of my nurglings showed up, and joined the chase against the rhinos.  At this point, I began to wonder if they actually  had marines inside them at all.

I repeated the process of packing nurglings around a target (in this case, the Southen Blitz squad) in the hope that Kugath could actually kill something—even if it was my own guys… just so that I could get some sort of tally going, but the great oozing lord was too preoccupied by raining a base of nurglings nearby.  My other prince wasn’t fairing well against the obliterator squad, and what few wounds I managed to pull off, he managed to save.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky…

 t3-demons (Medium)

Turn 4: Chaos

Finally!  The tanks opened up and more victims joined the fray.  Of course, they really did more damage to me than I should’ve been happy with, but the good news was that the units that came out were Plague Marines, so their kills added to my Tally.  By the end of this turn, the kill count was up past 14, and my nurglings started wounding on 2+. 

Epidemus’ escort was ripped apart by plaguemarines, and a looming powerfist threatened to end the joy that had just come to me, but he was unsuccessful.

 t4-chaos (Medium)

Turn 4: Daemons

Kugath couldn’t stand by and let his little buddy Epi die without some help, so he charged in.  Despite being slow and purposeful, I rolled a six for the charge and clipped the edge of a marine.  Kugath pasted 4 marines by himself, making it more of a “fair fight” with Epidemus.   I also charged into the plague marines on the right flank and started working up that tally.

 t4-demons (Medium)

Turn 5: Chaos

Khorne Bersekers, the fearless warriors of blood, eventually worked up enough courage to leave the confines of their rhino and charge a squad of nurglings.  I suspect this is because the game could end here and he wanted to make sure he had at least one objective contested.  It turned out to be a fairly good play, as I only managed to kill two marines, and he decimated the squad (doing 10 wounds).  Being fearless, I rolled an 11 on my leadership check and had to make entire too many 5+ saves.  In the meantime, about now is when his obliterators finally squashed my prince, but not before he took one of them with him.  Yeah, I know the drawing doesn’t show it happening this way, but trust me, that’s how it went.  One of these days, I’ll find out an easy way to undo when I kill off a model in a bat-rep.

 t5-chaos (Medium)

Turn 5: Daemons

Kugath hurls sludge at the ‘zerkers, and elsewhere, everything seems to whittle each other down in tied combats: I do two wounds, he does two wounds.  One thing I need to remember is that plague bearers have feel no pain.  All this time, I’d been rolling their 5+ invulnerable saves, but ignoring the fact that the tally was giving them 3+ FNP saves.  Oh well, live and learn…  In the meantime, one squad of plaguebearers sneaks up and steals Matt’s objective in case the game ends (which it didn’t).

 t5-demons (Medium)

Turn 6: Chaos

Zerkers eat the lone base of nurglings that Kugath summoned, and THAT MAKE KUGATH ANGRY!  Elsewhere everything else is locked in combat and still tying it up each turn.  In the meantime, the obliterators have run out of things to shoot at, so they turn to Kugath, but can’t seem to hurt him. 

 t6-chaos (Medium)

Turn 6: Daemons

Kugath eat ‘zerkers.  Nurglings eat obliterator.  Plague bearers eat Plague Marines.  At this point, the only things Matt has left are a few rhinos and 3 obliterators on the far end of the board.  He couldn’t hope to get them close enough to contest both objectives, so we called it a game.

 t6-demons (Medium)

What I’ve Learned:

  1. Lash & Warp Time probably aren’t worth the investment on a single prince.  You’re probably better off going for one or the other (Depending upon whether he’s shooty or hand-to-hand).
  2. Epidemus’ tally is based on kills, not wounds.  That’s a big difference, and means I probably shouldn’t be so hastey to kill my own nurglings.
  3. This army is severely lacking in shooty.  Had Matt chosen to move his tanks flat-out and lash me away from him, I don’t think I could’ve done anything in that game.  His maneuverability coupled with my entire army basically being slow and purposeful makes for a nasty combination.  For a more balanced force, adding something with some form of shooty is probably a good idea…
  4. Gotta remember to use FNP.  The 5+ invulnerable save is horrible by itself, but my deamons come with a built-in 4+ as well (eventually upgrading it to 3+).  It’s imperative to remember this…

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