To New Beginnings

I’ve always been amazed that the people that have enough time and patience to document their games and make battle reports.  Then again, I’ve also been impressed with people that paint their armies, or even write blogs on a halfway regular basis.  So, I figured, if two out of three ain’t bad, why not step out and try to do ’em all.  That said, I’m planning on writing battle reports and keeping track of my wins and losses from here on out.

Tonight I played a game with my bugs at the Muldoon Gaming Club vs. Erik’s Biel-Tan Eldar army.  I’d never met the guy before, but he’d been playing a while, and turned out to be a great painter, brilliant tactician and an all around swell opponent.  Tomorrow I also have a game vs. Matt’s Chaos Character Cabaret™.  After that, I have  a family gathering to attend, but maybe Sunday I’ll be giddy enough to write up both of these batreps.  Until then, I must get my beauty sleep…

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