That’ll Leave a Stain

In preparation for Friday night’s game, I dipped the next batch of bugs in stain.  It didn’t seem to take as well as the ones I did years ago, but whether that’s due to a change in the stain, my technique, or some other factor, I don’t know.  Dipping models twice did give a nice thick coat though.

All in all, I topped off 71 models:

  • 20x Termagaunts w/ Fleshborers
  • 20x Termagaunts w/ Spinefists
  • 10x Genestealers (new style)
  • 10x Genestealers (old style)
  • 6x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
  • 3x  Tyrant Guard
  • 1x Raek Light Warbeast from Hordes (to be used as a Lictor)
  • 1x Carnifex

Pics found below:

All in all, it was a successful evening—though I did manage to get stain in my hair and pretty much coat an entire arm in the stuff.  I’m not looking forward to scrubbing that off…


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